November 21, 2017 with Photos

  • Hello From Luka! Boy was this ever a busy week for me! First I want to tell you about a 2nd grade class I visited. Mrs. Dixon’s class did some writing about me and my group, Guide Dogs of America. I had a fun time visiting their class. I copied a sample of their writing for you to learn more about me.

    Kellan from Mrs. Dixon’s class:

    Guide dogs are important animal helpers. They do many services for people.  They help the blind and can help the sick children. Guide dogs are smart and well trained. They need 1-2 years of training to help people in need.  Guide dogs wear a vest or a harness to show that they are working.  You should ask before petting a guide dog.  I think guide dogs are heroes with four legs that help people in need.

    Next, I attended my first PTO meeting. I am so grateful for the Hope View community and for our PTO.  They're having my food shipped to my house for the whole year! Thank you PTO!

    I was able to attend a Girl Scout meeting too. My mom talked and talked all about the Guide Dog program, and I got to show the girls why I need this silly thing called a snufflepad. I use this to help learn when it is okay to go sniff the grass. Because really… I am a dog and I want to sniff the grass! But I can only sniff when I am told it is okay.

    I also went to the annual 5th grade Fall Festival and watched all of the 5th graders work on fall crafts. I sure liked the trail mix making station!

    Last but not least, I met some of my guide dog friends at our monthly meeting. We met at the Irvine Spectrum and walked around together. Then we all went to eat at a restaurant. It was so fun being in the restaurant with my other dog friends. We all had to lay quietly under the table. Boy was that hard. And no one even dropped any food for us!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    Love, Luka