Dear Diary - November 3, 2017

  • Dear Diary,

    Wow...This was a fun week for me! I was able to be a part of Hope View's fall parade, costume and everything! I was a minion with my 4th and 5th grade teacher friends.

    I also went to Central Park for the Sunset League Cross Country finals. I want to run that fast, too, and I can! It was my first time out to the park and, boy, I loved watching those geese!

    Finally, I got to visit Mrs. Flanagan's 3rd grade class.  I get to be a "prize" for our PBIS incentive (meaning students have to follow our conduct code) at Hope View - Can you believe that? Students can turn in 30 "MAD" tickets, and then they get to have me come visit their classrooms. This is sure fun! I hope I can do that more often! 

    I am one lucky boy! Check out my costume photos!