October 17, 2017

  • Dear Diary,

    I had a busy week last week! It was Red Ribbon Week at Hope View and I dressed up, even though it felt funny on my fur. We had crazy sock day, wear green day, wear red, sports jersey day, and crazy hair day. Not much I can do with my hair!

    I also went to the Guide Dogs of America Open House in Sylmar. Boy, was I a big hit since I am so cute and still a puppy! I let all the kids pet me. I also did my first ever "Puppy Obedience Trials," and I did pretty well!! Then our Orange County group of GDA had our monthly meeting. We all had to dress up. I was the Pope! LOL! My sister Lennox was a taco, and my brother was dressed as a hula girl. Hee hee hee. We had such a great time!

    And finally I got to visit Mrs. Dixon's 2nd grade class. They're writing about my home, Guide Dogs of America! I posed for pictures with them.

    Gotta go, I'll see you all around campus!