• Dear Diary,

    Well, it's official! I have my yellow bib, which means when I wear it, I am training! Yay! The bad news is when I wear my yellow bib, kids are not allowed to run up to me and pet me:(

    I'm 13 weeks old and still taking Puppy K. On Saturday, October 7, I get to go to the Guide Dogs of America Open House and visit my friends in training. I also get to show off my obedience skillz!

    I also had my first visit to the grocery store, as well as two other stores. If you see me, make sure to ask to pet me first, so I can sit and calm down first. It seems silly to me, but I'm told it's important, so I have to follow the rules.

    Being in the classroom is a blast, and I'm really good at it. I get to visit my reading buddies and had my first fire drill. It was actually pretty boring (see my photos, can't you tell?) I also get to go to weekly flag assemblies.

    My favorite part was meeting a bunch of parents at our Back-to-School Night. They're pretty cool:)