Weekly Homework

  • Weekly Homework is Subject to Change. Changes will be updated daily by 4PM. If your child is out sick, please contact the office to have work forwarded to you, or email me directly.

    Your Child's Planner Should Match What is Displayed Here, and/or in their packet:


     March 19th:

    • 7th: Poster Due Tomorrow
    • 7th Honors: Poster Due Tomorrow
    • 8th: Ch. 8 Vocabulary Due Thursday


     March 15th:

    • 7th: Research for Poster
    • 7th Honors: Research for Poster
    • 8th: Work on TM Project

    March 13th:

    • 7th: Up To Worksheet 6-5, #4
    • 7th Honors: Worksheet 6-5 completed
    • 8th: Gates-MacGinite Testing today. Continue working on Thinking Maps foldable


    Week of 3/5: All Work Will Be Completed in Class

    February 28th:

    • 7th/7th honors: Finish Worksheet 6-3 through question #11
    • 8th: TOT Essay, Worksheet 8-2, and Chapter 8 Vocabulary Due Friday

    February 27th:

    • 7th/7th honors: Finish Worksheet 6-3, Up to Question #8
    • 8th: Optional: Research TOT for essay

    February 26th:

    • 7th/7th honors: No Homework
    • 8th: 2 "Hooks" must be completed for the TOT essay intro



    February 22nd:

    • 7th: Coat of Arms Due Friday
    • 8th: No Homework

    Week of February 13th:

    • 7th: No Homework this Week! Study for next week's test.
    • 7th Honors: No Homework this Week! Study for next week's test.
    • 8th: No Homework this Week! Study for next week's test.

    February 8th:

    • 7th: Chapter 6 Vocabulary Due Tomorrow
    • 7th Honors: Chapter 6 Vocabulary and Geography Worksheet Due Tomorrow
    • 8th: Chapter 10 Vocabulary Due Tomorrow

    February 7th:

    • 7th: We finished worksheet 6.1 and will correct it tomorrow. Finish any unfinished questions!
    • 7th Honors: None
    • 8th: Worksheet 10.1 completed. No Homework

    February 5th:

    • 7th: Chapter 6 Vocabulary started today. Due Friday.
    • 8th: No Homework

    February 2nd:

    • 7th/8th: No Homework. End of the 1st Semester.

    January 29th:

    • 7th: Test This Coming Thursday
    • 8th: Test This Coming Thursday

    January 26th:

    • 7th: Samurai poster is due on Monday, 1/29.
    • 8th: No Homework this weekend.

    January 25th:

    • 7th: Worked Samurai poster on in class starting 01/22. Time will be given in class tomorrow and the poster is due on Monday.
    • 8th: No Homework Tonight.

    January 23rd:

    • 7th: Worked on in Class: Worksheet 5.2 is due Tomorrow.
    • 8th: Worked on in Class: Worksheet 7.2 is due Tomorrow.

    January 22nd:

    • 7th: Started Samurai Poster
    • 8th: No Homework Tonight

    January 18th:

    • 7th HONORS: Diary DBQ due Friday
    • 8th: Vocabulary Due Monday

    January 16th:

    • 7th: Extra Credit Video Essay due Tomorrow.
    • 8th: Chapter 6 Packet COMPLETE is due Tomorrow.


    January 11/12th:

    • 7th: Vocabulary X-Word Due January 16th (Tuesday). Most students completed their's in class.
    • 8th: Make Sure You are Finished with Worksheet 6-2, and Bring A Red Pen to Class Each Day

    January 10th:

    • 7th: We Traveled to China Today. No Due Dates Today, or upcoming tests.
    • 7TH HONORS: Essay questions due Tomorrow. All period today was given as well.
    • 8th: Make Sure To Bring A Red Pen to Class Each Day

    January 9th:

    • 7th & Honors: China Thinking Map (Diamond) Due Wednesday, January 10th
    • 7TH HONORS: Essay questions due Thursday. Time will be given in class January 10th
    • 8th: Make Sure To Bring Highlighter to Class Each Day! Your DBQs Require It



    December 13th:

    • 7th & 8th: Video Lessons Today. No Weekend Homework


    Tests This Wednesday, December 13th for Both Grades:

    • 7th: Chapter 4, Sections 1 & 2, plus related Vocabulary
    • 8th: Chapter 5, all Three Sections & Vocabulary

    December 13th:

    • 7th & 8th: No Homework due to Today's Test

    December 12th:

    • 7th: Great Wall Video Tree Map completed in class. Study for tomorrow's test!
    • 8th: Federalist Era Timeline Worked on All Period. Due Date is tomorrow, 12/13. Study for tomorrow's test!

    December 11th:

    • 7th: Chinese Zodiac Poster-Due Date Tuesday 12/12
    • 8th: Federalist Era Timeline Worked on All Period. Due Date EXTENDED to 12/13. One more class period will be given on 12/12.

    December 8th:

    • 7th: Chinese Zodiac Poster Worked on All Period. Due Date Tuesday 12/12
    • 8th: Federalist Era Timeline Worked on All Period. Due Date Tuesday 12/12

    December 7th:

    • 7th: Chinese Zodiac Poster Started. Due Date TBD
    • 8th: Federalist Era Timeline Started. Due Date TBD

    December 4th-6th:

    • 7th/8th: All Work Completed in class

    December 1st:

    • 7th: HONORS ONLY: Biography/Obituary for Empress Wu. Due Monday 12/4
    • 8th: Finish Worksheet 5.2. Due Monday 12/4

    November 30th:

    • 7th: Chapter 4 Vocabulary Worksheet Due Monday
    • 8th: Finish Worksheet 5.1 (#s 9-10)

    November 27-29th:

    • 7th: No Homework
    • 8th: Chapter 5 Vocabulary due Thursday 11/30






    November 17th: No homework over the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a restful and happy break!


    November 16th:

    • 7th: Mansa Musa Trading Card due Tomorrow. ALSO, Packet with Worksheets, Thinking Map, and Video Notes Due Tomorrow. CHAPTER TEST TOMORROW
    • 8th: All Period was given to work on Bill of Rights 6-10. Bill of Rights Assignment Due Tomorrow. ALSO, Packet with Worksheets & 7 Principles Thinking Map Due Tomorrow.  CHAPTER TEST TOMORROW

    November 15th:

    • 7th: All Period was given to work on Mansa Musa Trading Card (due Friday). CHAPTER TEST ON 11/17
    • 8th: Bill of Rights Squares Due Friday. All Period Thursday will be given to work on 6-10. CHAPTER TEST ON 11/17

    November 13th-14th:

    • 7th: 4 Regions of Africa Thinking Map Due With Packet on Friday. CHAPTER TEST ON 11/17
    • 8th: Bill of Rights Squares Due Friday. CHAPTER TEST ON 11/17

    November 9th:

    • 7th: No Homework Over Weekend. CHAPTER TEST ON 11/17
    • 8th: No Homework Over Weekend. CHAPTER TEST ON 11/17

    November 8th:

    • 7th: No Homework. 
    • 8th: No Homework. 

    November 7th:

    • 7th: Worksheets 3.1 & 3.2 were completed
    • 8th: Worksheet 4.1 was completed

    November 6th:

    • 7th: We Continued with Chapter 3, Lesson 1 & answered up to Question 7 on the worksheet. 
    • 8th: Partial Period given to work on Vocabulary for Chapter 4. It is Due this Thursday.

    November 3rd:

    • 7th: We Started Chapter 3, Lesson 1 & answered questions 1 & 2 on the worksheet. Chapter Vocabulary is Due Monday AM.
    • 8th: All period was given to work on Thinking Maps. Unfinished 7 Principles Tree Maps Due Monday AM.

    November 2nd:

    • 7th: SIGNED PACKET DUE FRIDAY/Unfinished Or Late Work. We started chapter vocabulary today.
    • 8th: No Homework or Due Dates/Only Unfinished Or Late Work. We started "7 Principles" of the constitution Thinking Map today.


    • 7th: No Homework
    • 8th: Time in Class to Work on Preamble Squares (Due Thursday)

    October 30th:

    • 7th: Time in Class to Work on Ancient Islamic City Advertisement (Due Tomorrow)
    • 8th: Packets with Tests Handed Back. Due Tuesday, With Parent/Guardian Signature. "Preamble Squares" started in class. Due Thursday. 

    October 27th:

    • 7th: Study for Monday's Test! Bring all Materials from Chapter 2. Unfinished City Advertisement is Due TUESDAY 10/31/17
    • 8th: No Homework

    October 26th:

    • 7th: Study for Monday's Test!
    • 8th: Test Today-No Homework

    October 25th:

    • 7th: Unfinished work: Worksheet 2.3 has been finished and corrected.  Study for Monday's Test!
    • 8th: Unfinished work: Worksheet 3.3 has been finished and corrected. Study for Tomorrow's Test!

    October 24th:

    • 7th: Unfinished work: Worksheet 2.2 has been finished and corrected. We did not start anything new today.
    • 8th: Unfinished work: Worksheet 3.2 has been finished and corrected. We did not start anything new today.

     October 23rd:

    • 7th: Unfinished work: Worksheet 2.2, Up to Question #8
    • 8th: Unfinished work: We finished worksheet 3.2. Any unfinished questions must be done by Tuesday. We will correct 1st thing.

    October 19th/20th:

    • 7th: 5 Pillars TM due Friday
    • 8th: Video Notes due Friday

    October 17th-18th:

    • 7th & 8th: No Homework. Some students brought work home, which is 

    October 15th-16th:

    • 7th & 8th : We corrected packets & reviewed their last test. There is no homework for these two days, and no tests this week.

    October 11th & 12th:

    • 7th: Chapter 2 Vocabulary and SIGNED Chapter Packet Due Friday
    • 8th: Chapter 3 Vocabulary Due Monday

    October 9-10th:

    • 7th: Chapter 1 test was taken Monday. We are starting on Chapter 2 on Tuesday, but have no assigned work yet.
    • 8th: We finished Chapter 2 on Monday. Chapter 2 test is Tuesday. Foldables are due Tuesday as well. No homework.

    October 6th:

    • 7th: All chapter work should be complete. Chapter packet, double bubble map, and video notes due Monday
    • 8th: Revolution Foldable Due on Tuesday. We worked on the summary today. Chapter test postponed until Tuesday as well.

    October 3rd:

    • 7th: Worksheet 1.2 is finished. 1.3 tomorrow.
    • 8th: Worksheet 2.2 is finished. 2.3 tomorrow.

    October 2nd:

    • 7th: We finished #5 on worksheet 1.2. Worksheet will be finished in class tomorrow.
    • 8th: We finished #5 on worksheet 2.2. Worksheet will be finished in class tomorrow.


    UPDATE, 9/29/17: In the chapter packets for both grades, all vocabulary is finished. Section one for grade respective chapters is also complete. We will finish all chapter sections next week. Their 1st chapter test will be on Monday, October 9th.


    September 25th-29th: For the week of September 25th-29th there will be no assigned homework except for unfinished work.

    Ample time will be given in class for the following projects, but for any unfinished work, the following:

    7th: Rome v. USA  Diamond Thinking Map

    8th: Thirteen Original Colony Advertisement

    Projects will be Due on Monday, October 2nd.