• Dear Diary,

    I am almost 12 weeks old now. Mrs. Sjogren tells me I'm adjusting very well to my room (Room 25) and to all of the staff and students at Hope View.

    I'm also happy to say I'm doing well in "puppy kindergarten," where I get to see my brother, Loki, and my sister, Lennox!

    Mrs. Sjogren is teaching me to walk by her side and pay attention to where she is going. I'm also learning commands - "sit," "down" and "stand."  (As well as "get busy" on command, which means go potty.)

    Thank you to the Hope View PTO families, who are keeping me full with monthly food!

    I'll be visiting each classroom at Hope View soon to meet all of the kids and to show off my serious skills! Well, that's it for now.