Homework Policy

  • Middle school student with science project The following information is taken from portions of Ocean View School District Board Policy 6154 and Administrative Regulation 6154.

    Our Board of Trustees recognizes that homework is intended to be purposeful and meaningful, leading to increased student achievement. The Board encourages our students, families and teachers to view homework as an important extension of classroom instruction. Homework contributes to building responsibility, self-discipline and life-long learning habits.

    As part of our Homework Policy, our Superintendent, or a designee, will ensure that administrators and teachers develop and implement effective homework plans at each of our schools.

    Although there is an expectation that it is the student’s responsibility to complete homework assignments independently, our Board does encourage teachers in all grade levels to include our families as a supportive resource in the homework process. Teachers will notify parents/guardians when their children repeatedly fail to complete and/or submit homework.

    Makeup Work
    Regarding makeup work, students who miss school work because of an excused absence will be given the opportunity to complete all missed assignments and tests that can be reasonably provided. As determined by the teacher, the assignments and tests shall be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the assignments and tests missed during the child’s absence. Students will receive full earned credit  for work satisfactorily completed within a reasonable period of time after they return from their excused absence.

    School-Site Homework Plans
    School principals and staff will develop and regularly review school-site homework plans, which include research-based guidelines for the assignment of homework and describe the responsibilities of students, staff and families.

    Plans will address homework timeframes for each grade level. Homework should not exceed approximately 10 minutes per grade level per day. Plans may encourage an additional 20 minutes a day of recreational reading.

    Example of Homework Timeframe by Grade Level
    TK and Kindergarten - Approx. 20 minutes of recreational reading
    1st Grade - Approx. 10 minutes of homework
    2nd Grade - Approx. 20 minutes of homework
    3rd Grade - Approx. 30 minutes of homework
    4th Grade - Approx. 40 minutes of homework
    5th Grade - Approx. 50 minutes of homework
    6th Grade - Approx. 60 minutes of homework
    7th Grade - Approx. 70 minutes of homework
    8th Grade - Approx. 80 minutes of homework

    Schools will share with families and instruct students on how to allocate their time wisely, meet deadlines and develop good personal study habits. In addition, students may experience long-term projects, independent research, reports and/or problem-solving activities throughout the school year.

    Read our Board Policy and Administrative Regulation related to Homework. (Board Policy 6154 and Administrative Regulation 6154, see 6000s)