For the week of January 20 - 24, 2020

  • Students are responsible for writing daily assignments and tests in their personal Binder Reminder, so that will be the MOST ACCURATE information each week.  This will serve as a back-up to that information, but it is only updated each Friday evening.


    READING COUNTS:  Students are expected to successfully test on at least two (2) titles for Reading Counts each month.  The books/titles should fall within a reasonable range of Lexile based on how they assessed on this year's Scholastic Reading Inventory.


    Oral Presentation (Trimester 2 - iSearch presented) - Students must prepare a Google Slide presentation about a topic that includes a title slide and at least 3 body slides.  The content should be informative, the slides should be attractive but not distracting to the content, and the presentation should include at least 3 hyperlinks to the websites used for their search. Each child will present monthly to help them build oral presentation skills.  Students should identify at least two (2) icons of Depth & Complexity that relate to their presentation.





    Soc. St.:    




    Tuesday, January 21st - Library and Music today

    Math:        Ch 7, L 5 & 6 HW pp 511 - 2 and pp. 517 - 8

    Sci:           Web of Life Mystery #1 response

    Soc. St.:    review SE States & Capitals (8)

    Read/LA:   "The Magical Lost Brocade" Vocab PB p. 81

    Grammar W/S 41

    Spelling:     Cursive/Print 3x's each, all 20 words


    Wednesday, January 22nd - P.E. today (athletic shoes & clothing, water bottle, deodorant)

    Math:         Ch 7, L 8 HW pp. 529 - 30

    Sci:           xxx

    Soc. St.:     review SE States & Capitals (8)

    Read/LA:    Grammar W/S 42

    Spelling:     packet sides 1-2


    Thursday, January 23rd - P.E. today (athletic shoes & clothing, water bottle, deodorant)

    Math:         Ch 7, L 9 and Check Progress pp. 535 - 9

    Sci:           Web of Life Mystery #2 response

    Soc. St.:    review SE States & Capitals (8)

    Read/LA:   "The Magical Lost Brocade" Vocab Organizer

    Grammar W/S 43

    Spelling:    packet sides 3-4


    Friday, January 24th

    Math:      Strand Attack Quiz

    Chapter 7 Test

    Sci:           Web of Life Mystery #3 response

    Soc. St.:  

    Read/LA:   Language4Today Quiz

    Spelling:   Test