'Paw Prints' by Luka

  • Luka up close Hi! I'm Luka, a new "student" at Hope View Elementary School. My friend, Mrs. Sjogren, told me I'm the unofficial mascot of our school. I'm very excited about this! I had a great first week in Mrs. Sjogren’s 5th grade class, and I hope to meet each of you some time this year. She is taking care of me in her classroom, and I have my own nap and play space, called "Luka's Lair." I can't wait to start training to become a guide dog for the Guide Dogs of America. For now, I'm just having fun with all of you!

    According to Principal Paul Kraft, Mrs. Sjogren will be educating her students on the various aspects of training guide dogs for the blind. Luka is a very well-liked new friend and student here at Hope View.

    Read about Luka and Mrs. Sjogren in a recent Orange County Register article!