Parent Portal

  • Aeries Portal Information

    By using the Aeries portal, parents are able to stay informed about their students’ attendance, grades and assignments. Visit

    Helpful Hints:

    • Calendar Function: From the Aeries home page- approximately half way down the page on the right hand side, you can change the calendar “display” from day to month. From the “month” display you will be able to view past, current, and even future assignments. For even more detail click on any one of the assignments listed.

    • Gradebook Function:  By clicking on any of the classes listed on the Aeries home page, you will be able to get a detailed account of your student’s progress including grades for specific assignments, missing assignments etc.

    • Attendance Function:  At the bottom of the home page is the “Attendance Summary” which allows you to monitor your students’ attendance regularly. By clicking on the tabs across the toolbar such as: Student Info; Attendance, Grades, Medical and Test scores you are able to get even more detail and update your current information so that the office is able to contact you in an emergency.

    Spring View encourages parents and students alike use the Aeries portal to check grades, attendance, and upcoming assignments whenever possible.