Welcome to Middle School

  • Here is the moral of the story. Wherever your student lies on the continuum, be patient. There will be frustrations and hopefulness this year. You will see great strides at times and setbacks at others. You will see tremendous growth in some habits that are beneficial and some that are not. Parents often think that they need to take a step back when their student enters middle school. Don’t step back, step up. If you stay involved and help your student cultivate these keys to success then you will create an environment where your student cannot fail. Success needs to be practiced.

    You are on a journey with your middle school student, and Spring View is on this journey with you. We want what you want; to help your student actualize as much of their potential as possible. Training wheels or no training wheels, your kids will be provided with a safe learning environment, passionate teachers, and the opportunity to grow. If we work together, for your student, we can help them achieve great things. For the teachers at Spring View it is an honor and a privilege to be a part of this process.