California School Dashboard Information

  • State education officials unveiled in spring 2017 a brand new accountability and improvement system to show how California’s students are performing — and to track their progress over time. It is called the California School Dashboard. Anyone can access information about California's schools, including those in the Ocean View School District, as part of the new Dashboard.

    To better understand the Dashboard, we encourage you to watch this video (produced by the Orange County Department of Education). It is intended to help families learn more about our state's new accountability system and become familiar with the new measures, color and shape definitions, and the objectives of the new system.

    The Dashboard for the Ocean View School District is available at California School Dashboard

    Thank you, as always, for your interest our public education programs and in the Ocean View School District. Stay connected to us through our school and District websites, as well as the OVSD app, which can be downloaded through the app store on your cell phone!