California School Dashboard Information

  • State education officials recently unveiled a brand new accountability and improvement system to show how California’s students are performing — and to track their progress over time. It’s called the California School Dashboard. Anyone will be able to access information about California's schools, including those in the Ocean View School District, as part of the new Dashboard. The article we have shared on our website, called the “Five Things You Need to Know about the California School Dashboard,” should help families better understand the new accountability system and become familiar with the new measures, color and shape definitions, and objectives of the new system.

    The Dashboard is now available, so please feel free to use this link (California School Dashboard) to begin exploring. This is the initial launch of the new accountability measures, so we will continue to share updated information about the Dashboard and our results as we learn more from the state and further analyze this data.

    Our initial assessment of the Dashboard data for the Ocean View School District is very positive, as demonstrated by the green coding shown in each area of OVSD’s overall report. We are incredibly proud of the growth and overall performance of our students in each of the subject areas shown on the Dashboard. With that said, we will continue to engage our students in meaningful core academic lessons, such as English language arts and mathematics, while committing to strategically improve the learning and success of all students. We are constantly assessing our instructional programs to provide the best possible results for every student in all of our schools.

    Thank you, as always, for your interest in public education in the Ocean View School District. Stay connected through our school and District websites, as well as the OVSD app, which can be downloaded through your phone's app store!