Special Messages from Our Superintendent

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An Important Message from Dr. Carol Hansen

  • March 1, 2019

    To Our OVSD Families,

    Please read this important message about a new social media challenge game, called “Momo,” that is scary and potentially dangerous.

    You may have heard of the “Momo Challenge.” The basic premise is that the game leads children to suicide through an inappropriate message/online game/video that is circulating and has allegedly appeared on YouTube, YouTube for children, Roblox, Fortnite and other online gaming platforms. The "game" originated in WhatsApp, which is a communication application on mobile devices. In this "game," children are supposed to call Momo and meet the daily challenges that become increasingly dangerous, leading to possible suicide.

    This situation is something we take seriously, since impressionable and emotionally sensitive young people can be absorbed by a "game" that can have real-world consequences. Please be alert, listen and watch for mention of “Momo” with your children, and be sure to let them know how important they are to you. If you need assistance, you may contact your school principal.

    You can review the “What Parents Need to Know about MOMO” guide posted here on our website.

    The virtual and physical safety of our students, your children, matters greatly to us. We will continue to monitor this important safety matter. Please stay in communication with your school and OVSD.

    Thank you.
    Carol Hansen, Ed.D.

What Parents Need to Know about MOMO - Guide

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