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    The Ocean View School District is proud to offer comprehensive preschool programs, providing a variety of services and programs for preschool children aged three to four years old by December 1, 2022 and 5 years old after March 2, 2023. We are committed to providing high quality educational programs to support student development and academic achievement, while offering a developmentally-appropriate preschool experience that will lay a strong foundation for our K-8 classrooms.

    In OVSD Preschools, we believe that preschool should be a safe, engaging place where all children can learn and grow. We pride ourselves on nurturing all facets of a child’s development, and therefore focus on the whole child with academic, emotional and social development activities. These are skills that all children need to be successful, not only in Kindergarten, but in life.

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    Preschool is a child’s first experience with school and the foundation for all future learning experiences. In OVSD Preschools, we are focused on making this the most positive experience possible.

    Inclusive Program Model, World of Wonders Curriculum, Social Emotional Learning, Developmentally Appropriate Activities, Indoor & Outdoor Exploration, Dramatic Play, Language and Literacy Development and so much more!

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    Ages: Children aged 3-4 years old by December 1, 2022.

    The California State Preschool Program (CSPP) definitions of eligibility based on age are as follows:

    · CSPP eligible four-year-old children are defined as children who have their fourth birthday on or before December 1, or a child whose fifth birthday occurs after September 1, whose parent or guardian has opted to retain or enroll them in a CSPP.

    · CSPP eligible three-year-old children are defined as children who have their third birthday on or before December 1. Children who have their third birthday on or after December 2, may be enrolled in a California State Preschool Program on or after their third birthday.

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    Enrollment for ALL sites is completed through the State Preschool Office at Oak View Preschool.

    Appointments are required to return your preschool application.

    *Please bring your completed application and eligibility documents, including the Physician's Form signed by your child's doctor.