Welcome to Ms. Lee's 8th grade Science Class Website!


    Science this year will be different from previous years as we transition into Next Generation Science Standards (Common Core). What this means is that the 8th grade science curriculum will explore many topics within earth, physical, and life science instead of just Physical Science. The overarching concept for the 8th grade year is:

    Forces of nature shape today's solar system filled with diversity and natural unity.

    Through hands-on activities and the process of inquiry, students will investigate key scientific concepts and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for California Public Schools by exploring four general units:'

    Semester 1:

    • Object Move and Collide
      • Newton's Third Law of Motion
      • Changes in Force and Motion
      • Gravitational Forces
      • Kinetic Energy
    • Non-contact Forces Influence Phenomena
      • Potential Energy
      • Earth, Sun, and Moon System
      • Formation and Motion of Galaxies
      • The Solar System
      • Electric and Magnetic Forces
      • Gravitational Forces

    Semester 2:

    • Evolution Explains Life's Unity and Diversity
      • Geologic History of Earth
      • Fossil Record
      • Embryonic Similarities
      • Evolutionary Histry and Relationships
      • Natural Selection
      • Genes and Proteins
      • Mutations
      • Artificial Selection
    • Sustaining Local and Global Biodiversity
      • Human Impact on the Environment
      • Introduction to Properties of Waves
      • Modeling Waves through Various Mediums
      • Properties of Visible Light
      • Modeling Light Waves
      • Digital vs. Analog Signals


    For questions, please contact me via email at selee@ovsd.org