Sixth Grade Classroom Policies


    To maintain a safe, positive, and productive learning environment throughout the year, we request the following:

    • Students need to follow and review Vista View’s Binder Reminder Code of Conduct.
    • Students are required to bring their Binder Reminder, Student Materials (listed in the sixth-grade parent letter), and a Silent Reading Book every day.



    • Students need to save all returned graded work in a home file throughout each trimester.
    • Students and parents should be aware of missing assignments by checking the Binder Reminder and the online grading system.  Look for a red stamp and teacher comments in the Binder Reminder.
    • Cheating is never okay.  Students caught cheating will receive an automatic zero and either a detention or referral to the office.



    • Consists of work not completed in class as well home assignments or projects.
    • Must be turned in and completed on time.
    • Homework is to be turned in at the beginning of each period, or it will be considered late.
    • Assignments turned into the teacher’s box in the office will be considered late unless the student was absent.
    • Homework needs to be written in the Binder Reminder Daily.
    • Homework not completed will receive a red stamp in the binder.
    • Students who receive two red stamps will be given detention.



    • Absences are a major concern and are probably the number one reason good students experience grade drops. Students who attend school regularly will always have an advantage over those who don’t.
    • If students are absent, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for asking the teacher what they need to make up. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to inform them.
    • Late work (not including absent work) turned in will only receive a maximum score of 60%.
    • No credit will be given for late work after two weeks from the original due date unless arrangements have been made with the teacher. This also includes make-up tests.
    • Habitual late work may result in a detention or other consequences.
    • All tests and quizzes that are missed need to be made up within one week of the original test/quiz date.
    • Students with an excused absence will be allowed one day of class for every day of their absence to make up missed work per OVSD Binder Reminder policy.
    • During the third trimester, NO LATE WORK will be accepted without an excused absence.
    • Certain classroom activities cannot be duplicated and may result in zero credit even in the event of an absence.



    • Each student should have the phone numbers of two other students in class so he/she can obtain assignments when absent.
    • If a student is absent it is their responsibility to get the assignments they missed.



    • Students are expected to follow the classroom rules as well as abide by the Binder Reminder at all times.  The consequence procedure is progressive and generally will proceed as follows:
      1. Verbal Warning    
      2. Nutrition Detention
      3. After School Detention
      4. Office Referral
    • Major problems and behavior may result in skipping some of the consequence steps.




    • All projects and special assignments will have an instruction sheet.  Please go over them with your child and note the requirements and due date to avoid grading penalties.
    • Projects are usually worth a great deal of points and may result in a drop in a letter grade if not turned in.
    • Some projects will require additional materials or supplies.



    • Parents need to sign their students Binder Reminder every night (not just initial).
    • The Binder Reminder can serve as a means of communication between you and your child’s teachers. 
    • Use the online grading system to keep up with your child’s grades, missing assignments, etc.
    • Encourage your child to communicate with his/her teacher regarding assignments, grade, absences, etc. 
    • Encourage your child to work out problems without your help.  However, if a situation does not seem to be improving, you can bring it to the teacher’s attention and together work to solve the problem.
    • Please email or call your child’s teacher with any concerns!