• Google Elective


    Welcome to Google Elective!

    This class is a trimester long and follows the Exploratory Wheel rotation during period three.  Students will spend the trimester working on various parts of Google Drive, Apps, and Extensions.  They will learn how to navigate through Google Classroom and Google Drive to help them be successful in middle school and the years that follow. Activities include Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Sheets (like Excel), Google Forms, and Google Docs, which are all found in Google Drive.  Students will learn keyboard shortcuts as well.  We start every day with typing practice through typing.com.



    • Cartoonify Yourself (Google Drawing)

    • Restroom Man and Woman (Google Drawing)  Creating multiple shapes to create a larger picture

    • Cartoonify An Animal (Google Drawing)

    • Google Doodle (cartoon face drawing) (Google Doodle)

    • Surveys/Quizzes (Google Forms)

    • Data Survey Computation (Google Sheets)

    • Choose Your Own Adventure Stories (Google Slides)

    • 3D Printing using TinkerCad

    • Green Screen Videos

    • Electronic Portfolios (Google Slides with links to all projects)