• The goal of this class is to take pictures of school events, to design and make the school's yearbook, and to create promotional videos of upcoming events.



    • Computer (PC) usage.  Software:  Google Apps, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, eDesign, iMovie
    • English skills: proofreading, spelling, alphabetizing, grammar.
    • Math skills: Counting accurately, area, projections and statistics.
    • Digital camera - Canon
    • Basic photography – Composition and lighting
    • Graphic Layout and Design
    • Sale psychology:  planning, promoting, and accounting
    • Economics – Budgeting
    • Time Management – Planning and scheduling



    • Following directions – i.e. when a student take a sport photograph, there are about ten things the student must remember to display in the photograph
    • Work is completed neatly and on time. Accuracy is very important
    • Participate and cooperate well with others
    • Volunteer extra time to take pictures of events and activities before, during, or after school


    Student Qualities needed for success in the Yearbook Class.

    Students must be communicative, confident, cooperative, creative, honest, imaginative, independent, involving, organized, and responsible.  They must follow directions, listens well, plans well, works well with others, have good camera skills, good computer skills, good English skills, good attendance, and a good sense of humor.