• Why Is OVSD Considering A Bond – Measure R?

    In order to continue to be the pride of our community and create a first-class educational experience for our students, OVSD must provide updated 21st Century learning environments, which include functional, efficient school facilities to encourage and support student learning.

    Our current Prop 98-school funding mechanism does not provide funding for long-term capital facilities improvements of schools, leaving many California school districts to seek community support for General Obligation (GO) bonds to fund school modernization. GO bonds are the primary funding source used for capital improvements for schools in California.


    • Students learn best when taught in updated, safe, and efficient facilities.
    • Facilities improvements are needed in OVSD—most of our schools are over 50 years old.
    • Residents do not currently pay bond taxes for OVSD. The majority of local communities carry bond debt.
    • Our schools are outdated and lack adequate electrical, plumbing, and other infrastructure.
    • Many of our air conditioning and heating units are old, and become unusable when they break. 
    • We lack adequate funding for fencing, gates, and other security measures, such as security cameras.
    • We have portable classrooms that are old and need replacing.

    We recently completed a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan with tremendous family and community input that identified and prioritized multiple projects for school improvements. (See the FMP at www.ovsd-fmp.org) These include:

    • Repairing or replacing deteriorating roofs, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems
    • Providing the equipment and infrastructure to support high-quality instruction in science, reading, music, arts, and math
    • Improving student safety and campus security systems, such as fencing, cameras, and  emergency communication systems
    • Updating children’s playground equipment and playing fields
    • Providing appropriate access to school facilities for students with disabilities


    • If passed, GO bond monies could not be taken away by the State or used for other purposes.
    • The average cost to property owners is $30 per $100,000 of assessed value.  The average cost per household in OVSD is about $110 per year. (Visit www.ocgov.com/gov/assessor to learn about assessed value)
    • A Citizens’ Oversight Committee and independent audits would be required.
    • If OVSD sells property, we would lose valuable income that we currently generate from leases.
    • GO bond monies cannot be spent on teacher or administrator salaries.

    At this time, the Ocean View School District has a strong and cohesive working relationship among our Board, District and School Administrators, union leadership (CSEA and OVTA), and our parent organizations. There is growing confidence within our schools and communities about OVSD’s credibility and reputation. There is an ongoing commitment from our new Superintendent and Executive Cabinet to work collaboratively with employees and families. This means that WE ARE ALL positioned to do great things, together, for the future of students in OVSD!

    Have more questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions about Measure R.