Test Retake Information

  • The Chapter Tests may be retaken once a permission slip is signed and the student completes and corrects a review assignment based on that chapter of material. It is very important that students master each concept before moving onto the next. Sometimes it just takes a little extra time for a student to grasp some of this complex Algebra content. We want to support and remediate before it's too late...


    There will ONLY be two opportunities per chapter to retake the exam (one recess/lunch and one afterschool).  Students should plan on attending the first session and use the second session as a back-up, in case of illness or forgetfulness. Only students who are absent both days will be allowed another retake option.


    Below you will find the permission slip. It needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and turned in at the beginning of the retake session along with the corrected review assignment. Good luck!


    Test Retake Permission Slip