Algebra 1 Information

  • Curriculum includes work and application in all of the California State Common Core Standards for Algebra and 8th grade mathematics. Here are some important resources that can help to provide support.




    Students can login to their OVSD google account to access our shared Google Drive folder. The Google Drive website has a link to many resources for our class including homework solutions, the completed notes packets, blank notes packets, homework calendars, retake permission slips, and many other important documents.




    The online textbook site will be used in class with our Chromebook laptops and can be accessed on home computers or on other personal devices, such as a tablet or smart phone. It provides access to the Interactive eBook including personal tutor videos, self-check quizzes, practice tests, step-by-step solutions, virtual manipulatives, worksheets, multi-lingual glossary, and more!




    EMAIL -


    PHONE - 714-846-2891 ext 2914


    -----------------------CLASSROOM PROCEDURES----------------------



    • Students will complete their Chapter Notes Handout during class. Students may also refer to Google Drive to view the PowerPoints presented in class or to download a blank copy.
    • Homework is due at the beginning of the period the day after it is assigned.
    • Homework will be checked daily for: 


                          Completeness with all work shown (not just answers)

                          Work completed in pencil only and is in the proper format


    • Students should correct their homework daily with the solutions on Google Drive. All mistakes should be fixed and students should make note of any problems they still do not understand. We can discuss and clarify those confusing problems in class the following day.
    • Students will submit a stapled packet of all corrected assignments at the end of the chapter. Credit will not be given toward their grade until the chapter packet is submitted and scored.
    • Quizzes, Chapter Tests and Cumulative Exams may be given during class.  Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a score of zero on the exam or assignment.



    ------------------------HOMEWORK CALENDAR-----------------------

    To ensure your student is completing and turning in his/her work, please check the homework calendar and ask to see the completed assignments. A green “OK” stamp simply means the work was completed on time. If there is a red "DUE" stamp on the assignment or the student does not have the assignment, then that assignment is missing.  If there is an “OK” stamp covering a “DUE” stamp, then that assignment was turned in late and was completed for half credit.  The calendar should be stapled to the top of the corrected work and submitted on the day of the test. I will stamp the calendars for full credit, ONLY if the corrections are complete. No credit will be given toward the grade until the corrections are completed and turned in at the end of the chapter. Extra calendars may also be printed from the Google Drive shared folder, if needed.