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    What is Independent Study?

    Independent Study is an alternative instructional program for students who are unable to attend school for a minimum of 3 consecutive days. It is provided for students who have demonstrated the ability to successfully complete the requirements of an independent study program.

    How does my child participate?

    Parents should contact the school at least one week (two weeks are preferable) prior to the child’s absence. The principal will review the requirements of the program and a contract will be signed.

    How long can my child be on Independent Study?

    An Independent Study is provided for students who will be absent for a maximum of 14 days per school year.

    How will my child get his/her work?

    The classroom teacher will provide standards based assignments and materials for the child.  

    When will my child’s work be due?

    All work must be turned in the first day the student returns to school.

    What happens if my child does not complete all the assignments?

    If the work is not complete or the teacher’s evaluation indicates the work has not satisfactorily (“C” average) met the expected standard, the work will not be counted.

    ·         The child will not receive academic credit

    ·         The school will not receive ADA compensation

    For additional information, please contact your child’s teacher, the site principal or the Coordinator, Student Services, at 847-2551 ext. 1360.