Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs & Regulations

  • Healthy Schools Act of 2000 (Assembly Bill 2260)
    The Health Schools Act of 2000 was signed into law in September 2000 and requires that all schools provide employees, parents, and/or guardians of students with annual notification of expected pesticide use on the school sites.  This notification identifies the active ingredient(s) in each pesticide produce and includes the internet address ( for further information on pesticides and their alternatives.

    Employees, parents, and/or guardians of students may register for prior notification of individual non-organic pesticide applications at school sites by calling (714) 847-2551, ext. 3500, to register. You can also register here for prior notifications or read our IPM.

    You can find additional information regarding these pesticides on the Department of Pesticide Regulations' website:  We are always open to any suggestions or ideas that you might have.  If you have any questions, please call (714) 847-2551, ext. 3500.