GATE Programs

  • Since the mid-1960's Ocean View School District has offered a program for identified gifted and talented students. Today OVSD designates Circle View and Star View Elementary Schools for grades 3 - 5, and Mesa View Middle School for grades 6 - 8, as the magnet schools where GATE students are homogeneously grouped together for all of their academic instruction. This research-based magnet setting provides a six-year curriculum continuum in which learning experiences:

    • are enriched and accelerated
    • promote the development of higher level and divergent thinking skills
    • encourage creative expression
    • develop leadership skills
    • foster healthy self-esteem
    • initiate career exploration

    Another option for GATE students is to remain at the neighborhood home school and participate in a GATE Cluster Program for Elementary students or a GATE/Honors Program for Middle School students. In this option, the classroom teacher differentiates the curriculum for the gifted students grouped together within a heterogeneous classroom setting at each grade level.

    For information about the GATE Cluster Program, please contact the principal at your child's home school.


    The GATE Magnet Program provides an all-day setting, which offers flexibility in scheduling and a wide range of educational opportunities. It provides students with a longer period of time for enriched and accelerated learning experiences that stress the use of higher level thinking skills, divergent thinking, and the students' preferred style of learning. Students receive instruction based on their academic strengths.
    The middle school curriculum for all GATE Magnet students includes reading/literature, language arts, history/social science, mathematics, science, physical education, and exploratory classes. Students in GATE at Mesa View participate in an accelerated mathematics program, which includes pre-Algebra in grade 6, Algebra I in grade 7 and Geometry in grade 8. GATE students are grouped together for differentiated instruction with trained and experienced program teachers for the four academic classes. Students in GATE are grouped with the entire student body for physical education and exploratory classes.
    For more information about the GATE Magnet Program, please contact:
    Jessica Haag, Principal
    Circle View Elementary School
    6261 Hooker Drive Huntington Beach, CA 92647

    Paul Kraft, Principal
    Star View Elementary School
    8411 Worthy Lane, Midway City, CA 92655

    Jadyn Grunbaum, Principal or Sarah Roberts, Interim Assistant Principal
    Mesa View Middle School
    17601 Avila Lane
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647