Westmont's Mission

  • Westmont's diverse students participate in a comprehensive, standards-based program that meets their needs in a positive, child-centered, cooperative environment fostered by a dedicated, caring staff and supportive community.

    Students will become...

    • Self-actualized learners who have mastered a challenging, core curriculum and believe themselves to be capable, significant and  able to mold their own future as they reflect on their personal accomplishments and direct their own thinking.

    • Skillful communicators who are able to readily acquire and effectively express information, ideas and emotions through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the use of technology.

    • Problem-solvers who are able to generate practical and innovative solutions to complex intellectual and social problems using critical and creative problem solving skills.

    • Socially conscientious citizens who are responsible for their own behavior, are able to work collaboratively, demonstrate honesty, empathy, fairness and respect for others as contributing citizens in their ever-expanding world.