How We Are Elected and What We Do

  • How We Are Elected
    The Board consists of five school district residents who serve overlapping terms of four years each. The Board is elected during local elections held every two years on the first Tuesday in November. Any registered voter who lives in the Ocean View School District may vote in school election.

    What We Do
    As Trustees of the Ocean View School District, we are responsible for setting educational policies consistent with state and federal laws governing public education.

    As representatives of the electorate, we are committed to adopting programs which meet the educational objectives of the community. In addition, we are responsible for the District’s resources. As the Board of Trustees, we work as concerned citizens for the improvement of our public schools.

    A quorum of three Board members is needed to conduct official school district business. The Superintendent and Administrative staff are present at Board meetings to provide reports and background information.

    Administration of the District is delegated to a professional administrative staff headed by the Superintendent.

Our Meetings, Your Voice

  • Our Meetings
    Regular Board Meetings: All meetings are normally held at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room (Building A).

    • Special Meetings:  When a special meeting is necessary, public notice is given at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  This may include meeting for the purpose of a Study Session, in which certain reports and topics are considered by the Board in greater detail than is possible at regular meetings.

    • Closed Session:  By law, in accordance with Government Code Section 54957, closed sessions may be called to discuss certain personnel actions, student discipline cases, contract negotiations, some property transactions, and for consultation with attorneys on pending litigation.All meetings of the Board are open to the public except those specifically exempted by law.

    Our Agenda
    Agendas are provided at the Board meeting. A copy of the Board meeting agenda is posted on the District’s web site ( 72 hours preceeding a regular meeting, as required by law. A copy of the agenda and support materials are available for review at the District office.

    We Listen To Your Concerns

    All regular meetings of the Board of Trustees include "public comments." The Board values this opportunity to listen to the concerns of parents, students and other community members.

    If you wish to speak at a Board meeting, please fill out the "Ocean View School District Oral Communications to the Board" blue card and submit it to the Superintendent’s Secretary prior to the start of open session. Due to time constraints, speakers must limit the total of their remarks to three (3) minutes.

    If a speaker turns in a request to address the Board after the start of open session, the speaker will have an opportunity to speak during "Any Other Communications to the Board of Trustees" at the close of the meeting.

    Legally, the Board may not take action on topics brought up under this section of the agenda. The Board may refer items to the administration for follow-up or place topics on a future Board agenda.