• 1.  Find the Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013/2016 icon on your desktop. 

    Outlook 2010  OR Outlook 2013

    2. The Outlook splash screen should pop up, along with the E-mail Account Settings Wizard.  Make sure the radio box is set to Yes and then click Next.  (If Outlook prompts for a profile name, type in your username and click OK.  It will go to the next step.)

    Outlook Step 2

    3. The wizard should automatically fill in your name and e-mail address.  If it doesn't, simply enter them.  You may also be asked to enter your password twice.  Click Next

    Outlook Step 3

    4.  Outlook should then start connecting to your account.  This will take several minutes, after which a password prompt will pop up.  Enter your e-mail password.  Make sure to check "Remember my credentials". 

    Outlook Step 4 Outlook Connect

    If the password prompt appears again, re-enter your correct password (this is the same password you use to log in to your computer).  If this still pops up, go to Start > Control Panel, then go to the Credential Manager.  (You may need to go to the upper right hand corner and set the option to Large icons.)

    Outlook Remove Credentials

    Click "Remove from Vault" under anything that refers to MSOutlook credentials.  Then close Control Panel and try to re-enter your password.

    5.  The wizard should show your account successfully configured.  Click Finish.  You're ready to go!  Welcome to Outlook!  Tutorials and help files are available in the upper left menu of this page.

    Outlook Finished