• Need a program installed and can't wait for IS to come out?  We're happy to provide you with a way to install programs without requiring administrative privileges.  District-approved software is now available from our new Self-Service Support Center, powered by IBM BigFix.


    1. On the bottom-right hand corner (Windows 7 and 10 users: you will need to click the white arrow to show this icon), double-click on the small OVSD icon.

    BigFix Step 1
    2. The IBM Endpoint Manager Support Center window opens.  You can search for software by title.  You may need to expand the column to see the full software title.  A full list of software titles that are currently uploaded to our IBM server is available here.


    Click "Accept" in the right-hand column of the software title you would like to install.  The install process will begin.  If you get an error message, or if you do not see a software title available to you, click Refresh.  Note: not all software titles are available to all staff, due to licensing restrictions.  Also, software that you installed through the IBM Endpoint Manager and then uninstalled will not reappear.  Please contact Information Services to inquire about missing software titles.

    BigFix Step 2

    Be patient!  The install process can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes.  Generally, the larger the size of the program, the longer it will take to install.  To check on the status of a software installation, click the Progress tab.

    BigFix Step 3

    When the software installation process completes, you will see a brief notification in the lower-right hand corner.  The Progress tab will also show "Completed" next to the software you requested.

     BigFix Done

    That's it!!


    If the software doesn't appear installed on your Desktop, just click the Start menu and click on All Programs.  You'll need to scroll up and down to find software.


    Still have trouble?  Submit a ticket here.