• Beginning Fall 2023, ALL students are required to have a permit to ride a bike or e-bike to school.


    The Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) is collaborating with Ocean View School District to provide a bike and e-bike safety awareness training for middle school students. Successful completion of this online training and quiz will grant students authorization to ride bikes or e-bikes to school and secure them in the school bike enclosures.

    By September 15th, all middle school students riding a bike or e-bike to school must have completed the online bike/e-bike safety training, successfully completed the safety quiz and have the HBPD authorized sticker adhered to their bike.

    Student safety continues to be a priority in Ocean View School District, and, as a reminder, state law requires all students to wear helmets securely fastened on their head when riding bikes or e-bikes.

    All students wanting to take the bike/e-bike safety training can access the training through their Student Portal (Bike Safety on menu bar). If your Student Portal is not active see the school office for assistance.

    Students wanting to ride their bike or e-bike to school must also complete the safety quiz following the safety training and provide proof of passing the safety quiz to school office staff.

Bike Safety