An apple with the words that embody an eagle of the week
  • Week of October 6th

    • Jonathan M.
    • Cooper J.

    Week of October 14th

    • Jesus G.
    • Tate M.

    Week of October 21st

    • Angela P.
    • Bradley T.

    Week of October 28th

    • Paige L.
    • Lily F.

    Week of November 4th

    • Sean A.
    • Wilson H.

     Week of November 12th

    • Shan P.
    • Ryan L.

    Week of December 2nd

    • Gabby D.
    • Gracie S.

    Week of December 9th

    • Devynn F.
    • Jake P.

    Week of December 16th

    • Kai W.

    Week of January 13th

    • Alyssa C.
    • Dean B.

    Week of January 21st

    • Jesse H.
    • Nick L.

    Week of January 27th

    • Emmy L.

    Week of February 3rd

    • Ramon B.
    • Charlotte H.

    Week of February 11th

    • Layla H.
    • Julia G.

    Week of February 17th

    • Caleb K.
    • Jada O.

    Week of February 24th

    • Leena B.
    • Luke G.